New Smyrna Beach Homebuyers – Get Moving!

New Smyrna Beach homebuyers have seen inventory shrink, prices rise and mortgage rates go up this year. As we reported back in January, when rates were still in the mid 3’s, mortgage interest rates were projected to exceed 4% in 2013 and end up in the mid 4’s. Currently rates are around 4.25%.  In 2014 analysts believe we will see rates reach 5% or more.

New Smyrna Beach Mortgage Interest Rate Projection - Q4 2014As mortgage rates increase, home affordability goes down, even if home prices stay the same.  New Smyrna Beach homebuyers will be spending more for a property next year…

New Smyrna Beach Homebuyer's Purchasing Power 2013 vs. 2014

As the New Smyrna Beach housing market continues to recover, home prices are going rise. If you’ve been thinking about buying a home in NSB, you need to get moving.

New Smyrna Beach Homebuyers First Steps to Home Ownership:

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