Can You Hear Me Now?

ATT 3G Microcell in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Our iPhones are our business lifeline, they really are more than just phones, they are our personal assistants…

We love living beachside and are fortunate enough to work from home, but the AT&T cell service in New Smyrna Beach is dreadful. I think once you get south of Flagler Avenue you enter an alternate universe and you might be lucky to get two bars worth of reception on a good day.

After talking with other friends who live close by about the cell reception they receive from their carrier, which wasn’t that great either, we decided to stick with AT&T and pick up a 3G MicroCell. There is a rebate available online and there is no additional monthly fee to add the device to your account.

The Microcell we picked up from the AT&T store at the Port Orange Pavilion is AWESOME! Our phone calls are crystal clear, We have 5 bars inside and outside the house, where you can often find me working under the shady tree in my adirondack chair.

So if poor cell service in NSB has kept you from buying here in the past… Problem Solved!  Give us call at 386-795-2334 – we have 5 bars.

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