Coronado Island NSB – AOB Site Proposals

Coronado Island 160 N. Causweway - AOB SiteThe proposals are in for the sale and development of the 4-acre site at 160 N. Causeway that’s been commonly referred to as the Administrative Office Building, or AOB site.  As the city prepares to rebrand the area as Coronado Island and make major improvements to the roadway that connects the mainland to Flagler Avenue, two development groups have submitted their proposals to redevelop 160 N. Causeway, please watch the presentation videos below to get the scoop on their vision for the future of Coronado Island.

The first proposal is for a grocery store and parking with a walking path along the shoreline.

The second proposal is to create Coronado Island Marine Village and includes the redevelopment of an adjacent property which is the current location of North Causeway Marine, a boutique grocery store, hotel, restaurants, retail shops, dry boat storage, boat dockage and a riverfront boardwalk that will be open to the public.

Which development plan do you think fits better into the landscape?

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