99 Days of Summer in New Smyrna Beach – Display Your Beach Treasures

Display Your New Smyrna Beach FindsDay 78: Display Your Beach Treasures

I was born on an island and starting bring home my beach treasures from the time I started walking.
My dad still laughs about how I’d always have rocks in my pockets that  would surface when my mom was doing laundry… It makes me giggle to think about them knocking around in the dryer and how I would hear her yell my name to go and get them out.

I still collect treasures today and they are an integral part of my home decor. There are so many great ways to display shells, rocks, coral and driftwood. I love vertical displays, I have several hurricane glasses that display an ever changing array of items I’ve collected over a lifetime.

I’m currently obsessed with collecting oyster shells… What do you treasure?

We’re celebrating summer in New Smyrna Beach and sharing our beach tips, favorite places to go, things to do, stuff you need for your beach house and fabulous food to eat. Check out our other summertime posts on our 99 Days of Summer in New Smyrna Beach Page.

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